Private Placement Program (PPP) Singapore

Does Singapore have a Private Placement Program (PPP)? the answer is YES. But you must know the correct person who can advise you and arrange all documents and he can securely arrange your personal information and your money flow from your account directly to place on Private Placement Program (PPP) designated account.

Only very very few people with this kind of knowledge and proper setup of such program. 90% of very high net worth individuals do not know the correct person to deal with and they deal with “Agents” and finally getting scam by many.

You can contact me with no obligation. Minimum Capital is USD5 million to start with if you are serious about this program.

Please Whatsapp to me and we can start to discuss it and I will give you unbiased advice about the Private Placement Program (PPP).

Andeerson Wong
Bank Private Placement Program (PPP) Advisor
Whatsapp: +60192804672
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