Welcome to Private Placement Program (PPP)

The Private Placement Program (PPP) is an investment system that was previously reserved only for the very wealthy, with returns dedicated in whole or in part to humanitarian works. Right now this system can access people not considered to hold great fortunes. PPP has nothing to do with the traditional business of banking. Practically none of the professionals who are currently working in a financial institution know about this.

The Private Placement Program (PPP) is not focused on the public, so the person who does not have a high degree of financial knowledge will not know. It is forbidden by law to advertise it publicly on public media like TV, newspaper and conventional method of advertising. Whoever has been involved in a PPP will never admit to the public, especially as he has signed a confidentiality agreement with a Trader.

I am only dealing with Top 7 banks in Hong Kong and Singapore only, then the bank in both countries will deal with banks in Europe.

The Minimum Amount to Start with is USD5 Million, if you have lesser than that, can contact me too. I might do some Joint venture among some investors to accumulate and to fulfil the USD5 million quota.


Please Whatsapp to me and we can start to discuss it and I will give you unbiased advice about the Private Placement Program (PPP).

Andeerson Wong
Bank Private Placement Program (PPP) Advisor
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